How is an affiliate’s commission calculated?

There is a $5 administration fee included in the price of each item. We subtract that amount from the price and arrive at the base price. You receive 20% of the base price.

For example, if an item’s list price is $25, we subtract $5 and arrive at a $20 base price. You get $4.

Taxes and shipping are not included in your commission.

How often are affiliates paid?

We pay you every 30 days. This allows for any returns to occur, where you would not receive a commission.

How are affiliates paid?

We prefer to pay you through PayPal. We use the email you used to set up your PayPal account to send your commission to your account. You then withdraw your commission from PayPal.

We can also mail your commission using your home address.

How does Tuition Heroes profit from this?

We collect a $5 administration fee from each item. Whether it’s a $25 item or a $100 item, we get the same $5 for each.

We use spreadshirt to print and ship the items in our Swag Shop. They also manage the payment process. They pay us a 20% commission on the base price of each item sold. We give you 100% of that commission. There are bonus commissions above 20% that we receive if volume goals are met each month.

What kind of tax information does an affiliate receive?

The commissions we send you are considered income. If we send you $600 or more in any given tax year, we’ll send a 1099 form to you and the IRS. We’ll send you a W-9 form to request your Tax Identification Number beforehand.

Are affiliates alerted when their items sell?

Yes. We’ll send a monthly report to you, showing which of your items were sold and the commission you should expect.