Tuition Heroes Affiliate Program

We offer higher education institutions the opportunity to Sponsor Tuition Heroes.

You can earn $70 to $450 for every sponsorship sold, resulting from your referrals. Just refer decision makers to our Sponsor Tuition Heroes page and have them input the unique coupon code we give you.

Your coupon code will give them 10% off the price of a sponsorship. The code will also let us know you generated the lead, so we can turnaround and send you 10% of the sponsorship amount.

Just complete the form below, and we’ll email your unique coupon code. Then share that code with a link to the Sponsor Tuition Heroes page with decision makers at higher education institutions.  You can use emails, blog articles and social media channels to share your code and link.

Coupon codes do not have an expiration.

So please help us get the word out about Tuition Heroes and what we do. As you know, our mission is to help stabilize tuition in America and reward those higher education institutions that demonstrate tuition stability.