2017 Tuition Heroes Rewarded

Since 2014, Tuition Heroes has been awarding those higher education institutions Tuition Hero status to reward their tuition stability. You can find out if your school is a Tuition Hero and how it compares to other schools by doing a search.

We reward Tuition Hero status to colleges that keep their tuition compound annual growth rate over four years at or below 2.5%, a benchmark based on the consumer price index. Learn more about our methods.

You can see how colleges have performed over the years by viewing our interactive infographic.

Free Badges

When a college earns Tuition Hero status, they are given a Tuition Hero badge. The badges are displayed on the college’s page on the Tuition Heroes website. The most recently earned badges appear on the search results page, and all the badges earned by a college appear on its detail page.

Anyone can get a badge for the years a college was designated a Tuition Hero. The badges can be posted on websites and social media communities and link back to the college‚Äôs page on Tuition Heroes, promoting the college’s tuition stability.

New Charts

Each college’s page has two interactive bar charts that display tuition growth and the rolling tuition compound annual growth rate. Hovering over or tapping on each bar reveals specific date and value.