Your fundraising campaign receives 90% of the profits from the sale of your item using our Tuition Heroes branded apparel in our store. We provide the apparel, the marketplace and ship it for free. We just need you to socialize it.

We simply create an item for you, and you direct your connections to your item through social media and email. Your campaign runs for four weeks, and we’ll send you a check at the end. You can request to continue your campaign if sales continue to be strong.

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Our sister company, Chaptrz, provides a similar service for fraternity and sorority chapters seeking to raise money for house improvements or philanthropy. Chaptrz branded apparel also appears in the store.

Campaigns for individuals use Tuition Heroes branded apparel. Campaigns for fraternity or sorority chapters use Chaptrz branded apparel. Your item will appear on both sites to further increase awareness of your campaign.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we can help you raise money for your educational cause.