tuition growth rates over time

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Any higher education institution with a rolling, 3-year tuition compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% or less is a Tuition Hero. We use US inflation rates (grey line) for comparison purposes. You can also qualify by offering a fixed-rate tuition policy. View our methods, see all the stats, and see if your school is a Tuition Hero.

Each Tuition Hero gets a free badge to display on their website, social media channels and other forms of online communication.

Hero Count

Tuition Hero (CAGR=2.5% or less), Excellent (CAGR=2.6-3.0%), Very Good (CAGR=3.1-4.0%), Good (CAGR=4.1-5.0%) and Poor (CAGR=5.1% or more).

Hero Type

We look at how many Tuition Heroes there are by institution type. The grey bars indicate how many institutions there are in the US, and the blue bars indicate how many Tuition Heroes there are in that category.

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If you want to have your Tuition Hero™ badge appear in your listing (and we think you do), please shed some love on our souls with a $25 contribution. We'll also send you a high resolution, vector image to use in your print communications.

Here are the 4 year, public, nonprofit Tuition Heroes in the US, showing how you can make yours pop by listing your badge.

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We grant the Tuition Hero™ designation to institutions that meet at least one of two criteria:

  1. Their tuition has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% or less.
  2. They have a fixed rate tuition policy option.

You can find out if your institution has been designated a Tuition Hero™ by doing a search. Learn more about how Tuition Hero™ designations are determined by reviewing our methods.

You can download the badge for FREE (right click for PC users), and use it to let your potential students know you're a Tuition Hero™. We recommend linking to the page on our website where your listing appears.

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